Konsolinet opened in autumn 2000, same month Playstation 2 console came out. Originally Konsolinet started as a school project in Helsinki's school of economics, but it started growing rapidly during the launch of Playstation 2. Both the online store and console game store were at a children's shoes at the moment. There were not many online stores and they were something new (as well as the first Konsolinet's websites). On the other hand in gaming market you sometimes have no choice, but to pay the price. So this is how Konsolinet's journey began. From small school project to a big online store.

Konsolinet online store's second "upgraded" version somewhere in a year of 2002.

However the e-commerce limit groth soon came to the fore, and with regard to the game trade hobby, a decision had to be made as to whether to get the "right job", or to invest in the gaming store. The solution was to enter the lease agreement for the Kamppi shopping center which will be finished in 2006.

Konsolinet opened in march 2006. On a picture is a founder Juho Korkeaoja.

This started hard, with Konsolinet establishing itself as one of Finland's leading gaming stores. In addition to the rapidly growing range of games, the store's selection multiplied into a really diverse range of accessories, used games from novelties to retro and all kinds of game-related stuff.

Playstation 3 launch march 2007.

The market had seen the rise and destruction of several gaming stores to date. Numerous small online stores appeared on the market, but soon disappeared. On the other hand big brands like Dose and Tilt that needed rapid expansion collapsed spectacularly. At this point Konsolinet invested in a cost effective and agile combination of a single store and e-commerce, which proved to be a good strategy. The objective of the buisness was to be as cost-effective as possible in order to always offer customers low prices.

Konsolinet's store on the 4th floor of Kamppi's shopping center during working hours in spring 2016.

Since 2000,Konsolinet has grown from a project of a few PS2 products and a couple of html pages to a game store of more than 3000 game products. Konsolinet has been able to serve hundreds of thousands of Finns in game procurement, with an advertising team that is passionate about games. Our first goal has been to bring joy to our customers by selling the best games at most affordable prices. We have always played for the good, taking care of our customer's interests, the environment, supporting various small charities and being a conscientious Finnish tax payer, employer and partner. 

Konsolinet's store on the 3rd floor during working hours in Kamppi's shopping center spring 2019.