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Edullista kotimaista pelikauppaa vuodesta 2000

Konsolinet's story

Konsolinet was founded in autumn 2000, few months before Playstation 2 console was launched. Originally Konsolinet started as a school project in Helsinki's school of economics, but it started growing rapidly afterthe launch of Playstation 2. Both the online business and video game business were in early stages at that time. There were not too many online stores and they were very primitive, just like Konsolinet's website. The game market was not very competitive, the customer was lucky to find the products he/she wanted and the prices were usually high. There was a niche for an online store with lower prices. It was the time for Konsolinet to enter the market.

Konsolinet's online store's second "upgraded" version some time in the year 2002.

The business grew rapidly for three years, and soon it was time to make decisions on getting a "real job" or starting to invest in the video game business. The decision was to sign a lease agreement with Kamppi shopping center, which was opening in spring of 2006.

Konsolinet opened in march 2006. In the picture is the founder Juho Korkeaoja.

The new store started another fast growth period, with Konsolinet establishing itself as one of Finland's leading gaming stores. The selection of games and accessories grew rapidly from few hundred to thousands of new and used games from novelties to retro and all kinds of game-related merchandise.

Playstation 3 launch in march 2007.

The market had seen the rise and fall of several gaming stores to date. Many small online stores appeared on the market, but soon disappeared. Also many big game store chains like Funstation, Dose and Tilt expanded quickly, but soon went bankrupt. At this point Konsolinet invested in a cost effective and agile combination of a single store and e-commerce, which proved to be a good strategy. The objective of the business was to be as cost-effective as possible in order to always offer customers low prices.

Konsolinet's store on the 4th floor of Kamppi's shopping center during it's opening in spring 2016.

Since 2000, Konsolinet has grown from a school project of a few Playstation 2 products and a couple of html pages to a game store of more than 3500 gaming products. Konsolinet has been able to serve hundreds of thousands of Finns, with an outstanding team passionate about gaming. Our first goal has been to bring joy to our customers by selling the best games at the most affordable prices. We have always played on the side of the good guys, taking care of our customer's interests, the environment, supporting various small charities and being a good Finnish tax payer, employer and partner. The game continues

Konsolinet's new store on the 3rd floor during it's opening in Kamppi's shopping center spring 2019.

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