Contact information:

Email: tilaukset(at)
Tel: 045-1389000
Questions on invoices and payment plans to Klarna: Tel 09-42599770 /

Store address:

Konsolinet Oy
Kamppi Shopping Centre 3rd floor
Urho Kekkosen katu 1
00100 Helsinki

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 9 am – 9 pm
Sat: 10 am – 7 pm
Sun: 12 noon – 6 pm
Opening hours for holidays here

Using Konsolinet’s internetstore is safe and easy. We follow finnish laws in our practice. Our webstore guarantees a safe enviroment for moneytransactions. Konsolinet Oy does not give customer information further, and they are not used for marketing purposes if the customer has not exclipitly requested of it.

Delivery options and terms

  • Pick up from the store in Kamppi. All orders except game tables can be picked up at the store. See opening hours above. You will receive a pickup notice once your order is ready to be picked up. Cash and the most common payment cards are accepted at our store. Costs 0,00 euros
  • Letter Priority: normal sized games are delivered in a 1. class letter, delivery time is usually 1-4 workdays. Costs 1,40 euros
  • Letter: Economy: sized games are delivered in a 2. class letter, delivery time is usually 3-5 workdays. Costs 0,00 euros
  • Pickup from local post office: the package will be delivered on the following workday of making your order before 6 pm. Your package is stored for one week at Post, after which it is returned to the sender. Please remember to pick up your package in time! You will get the exact time from Posti here: Costs 7,00-12,00 euros
  • Posti’s home delivery 14: the package will be delivered on the following workday of making your order before 2 pm. You will get the exact time from Posti here: Costs 10,00-15,00 euros
  • Post’is home delivery Flex: the package will be delivered on a previously agreed time in larger cities before 9 pm, and in smaller before 5 or 2 pm. Posti will agree with you on the delivery time. Costs 13,00-17,00 euros
  • Pickup from Posti’s Parcel Points: Pick up your order from the Parcel Points you’ve chosen. See for your nearest automat. You’ll be noticed by text message when your package has arrived and you may pick up your order immediately. You can track your order “here“
  • Matkahuolto Near Parcel: Pick up your order from your local Matkahuolto Parcel Point of choice. Coststs 6,00-11 euros
  • Matkahuolto Home Delivery: Matkahuolto will deliver your order home. Delivry time 1-3 workdays. Costs 10-14 euros.
  • Freight delivery: This delivery option is meant for pool tables, ping-pong tables etc. big products. Your order will be delivered to your home yard and the time will be agreed upon by phone. Costs 30 euros, and for stone pool tables 90 euros.
  • Delivery abroad. Quick parcelchipment with tracking. Delivery time Nordic countries 3-5 business days, European countries 3-7 businessdays, other countries 6-14 days. Costs 21-155 euros

You will see the delivery costs before accepting your order at the second page of your shopping cart under delivery option. Your order will be delivered when the order is received, the payment is done and the products ordered are available. All orders are mailed every workday approximately at 5 pm, and if we have received your order by 4 pm, it will be mailed during the same day. A store pickup order is basically ready to be picked up immediately, if we have the products in question in stock. It is all though advised to wait for your pickup notice e-mail.

Payment options

  • E-bank, credit or debit card Payment through your e-bank or Neocard, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard or your mobile phone.When paying with a credit card the upper limit is 200 euros and in phone payments the upper limit is 43,62 euros. We advise you to use this method for products that are available to ensure a fast delivery. Payment through your e-bank will immediately be taken from your bank account, credit card payments are paid in your next credit card bill and phone payments are paid in your next phone bill. Costs 0,00 euros.
  • Advance payment through bank transaction You’ll receive payment information by e-mail and your order will be delivered when your payment is visible in our Tapiola-bank account. If you pay from any other bank than Tapiola, the transaction will take one bank day. We advise you to use this payment option for preorders – you may change your order at any given moment, you can for example order a game months before it’s release and pay it a week before the release date. Costs 0,00 euros.
  • Klarna Bill: Klarna Bills have a 14 day payment time. You can yourself freely choose if you pay the whole sum, or if you want to pay it in smaller amounts. If you do not pay your bill on time a notice fee of 5,00€ and a 8% interest of late payment will be added to the final sum. Klarna will check your creditworthiness at the time of making your order. More information can be found here Costs 5,00 euros.
  • Klarna Account Your Klarna account will collect your orders made at different stores on one bill, which is easy to pay at the end of every month. You may also devide the costs, and choose how much you’ll pay each month. The fee for your Klarna Account is 3,95€/month. The monthly payment parts are minimi 9€ or 1/24th of your total sum. Check yearly interest rates and other costs here
  • PayPal Payment from your PayPal-account. Costs 7% of the total sum of your order.
  • Bitcoin Payment from your Bitcoin-accout. Cots 1% of the total sum of your order.

Returning of your order

If you which to return your products, contact us always first by phone (+35840-7329800) or by e-mail ( All un-opened games have a 14 day right to be returned. Once you’ve opened the packaging your return right is lost. If you want a return right for a used game, ask for sealing of the game when making your order! You may inspect accessories without loosing your right to return them, but taking them into usage will remove the right. More detailed terms for returning products are given by our customer service.

Products on sale

Products that are on sale are delivered to us through the importers sale batches. They are new but their packages may be worn on the outside. If nothing differentiating is mentioned the sales are in effect as long as we have the products in stock. If the item on sale is out of stock we can’t guarantee that we are able to deliver more products at the sale rate.

Pre-owned games

We grant the same warranty to pre-owned games that we grant to new games. We try our best to repair games that are in need of repairing before putting them on sale. The actual box for the game might differ from what is on display on our website. In some rare cases, a game might be missing its original box, in which case the game will be sold in a generic box and in most cases this is also reflected in the price. Pre-owned games are unsealed digital recordings and as such they do not fall under the same returns policy as new games. If you wish to have the right to return a pre-owned game, you can ask us to seal the game before shipping. Sometimes we have several different versions of the same game in stock, and some of them might, for example, have a box art that is different from what is displayed in the product images. In case you want a particular version of a game, please let us know about it in the section 'Additional information' when placing your order.

Other terms and conditions

We reserve the right for price changes and correction for pricing errors. Announced release dates and prices are estimates and may be subject to change. Delivery times for products that are out of stock are dependent on the importers, and Konsolinet is not able to affect them. Konsolinet is not responsible for delays in delivery times or indirect damages caused by these times (force majeure). We reserve the right to cancel the order, when their is problems in receiving a product.