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My Little Baby DS

My Little Baby DS

My Little Baby is a family-friendly game for the Nintendo DS that gives players the opportunity to raise a baby – all without the real-world messes, sleepless nights, or “terrible two’s.”

Players start by creating virtual parents, whose unique characteristics – eye color, hair color, skin tone, etc. – determine the baby’s physical features. Once the baby arrives, it’s up to the player to care for it – cradling, feeding, cleaning, entertaining and dressing the baby. As the baby grows, it will learn to crawl, then walk, and through interactions with the player via the Nintendo DS' microphone, can even learn to talk!

A helpful virtual nanny offers feedback and useful tips for raising the baby; while an easy-to-use menu system helps players navigate the world of raising a newborn – from shopping for unlockable food, toys, furniture and clothing to changing diapers. Many of the day-to-day tasks are presented through enjoyable and intuitive mini-games, with mastery praised and rewarded.

Doting parents can also take photos of their beautiful new baby for the scrap book, or enter them into an in-game beauty contest!

  • Choose the physical traits of the parents to influence the baby’s appearance.
  • Raise a newborn baby through four developmental stages of early childhood by feeding, clothing and caring for her.
  • A helpful virtual nanny guides the player to ensure the baby’s well-being, measured in seven contentedness indicators.
  • Take your baby shopping for toys, furniture, clothing, food and other necessities; new items are continually unlocked as the baby develops.
  • Fun and intuitive mini-games during exploration of the virtual home and nearby surroundings simulates child care tasks; exceptional performance is praised and rewarded.
  • Using the Nintendo DS microphone and stylus, interact with your baby by talking to her, playing peek-a-boo, tickling him, and teaching her to speak.
  • Shoot scrap book photos of your baby or use them in an in-game baby beauty pageant.