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Switch Repair Kit

Switch Repair Kit

  • Switch Repair Kit
  • Switch Repair Kit
  • Switch Repair Kit
  • Switch Repair Kit
  • Switch Repair Kit

1.Material: Plastic & Carbon Steel
2.And also suitable for mobile phones, computers, small appliances disassemble tools
3.Suction Cup & Cleaning Brush: Clean and remove the cover from the cartridge more safely and easily
4.Bits Set includes: G3.8 & G4.5 Star Screwdriver Bit, T6/T8 Screwdriver Bit, Ph00 Screwdriver Bit, Y00 Screwdriver Bit
5.This Tool Kit specially serves for Nintendo Switch Products and many other game devices, durable and a handy bit makes your work more efficiently
6.Beautiful appearance, easy to carry, high-quality precision knife handle, with strong magnetic inside the screwdriver head, making the operation more comfortable and easier

2.0 triwing trigram screwdriver is suitable for Wii, NDS, NDSL, DS Lite, GBA, GameBoy.

3.8mm Security bit screwdriver fit for:
Virtual Boy game cartridge.
Nintendo 64 game cartridge.
Super Nintendo game cartridge.
Game Boy Color game cartridge.
Sega Game Gear game cartridge.
Original Game Boy game cartridge.
Original NES Nintendo game cartridge.

4.5mm Security bit screwdriver fit for:
TurboDuo console.
Virtual Boy console.
Game Gear console.
Game Cube console.
Nintendo 64 console.
TurboGrafx 16 console.
Super Nintendo console.
Sega 32x System game cartridge.
T8 L Key screwdriver for XBOX 360
Sega Master System game cartridge.
Sega Genesis System game cartridge.
2.0 Cross head screwdriver for PS4 controller.